About us

From many years of collecting activities and the hunt for new pieces for my collection, came eventually the idea for this "Stamps - Online Shop"

In a small team, whose members sometimes look back on almost 25 years of BDPh and club membership, was after some planning and the implementation of various IT technical ideas and opportunities then this "self-service platform." Initially the shop with a variety of stamps and the like was equipped, which came from duplicates and excess inventories of own collections, later entire collections and collection pieces were used to test the functioning and operation.

Store currently has about 350 different categories with approximately 40,700 articles and 46,000 images, but we are just at the beginning - after multiple conversion functions for easier handling and better presentation of online contains!

Our main area is in the field of philately

Here we offer stamps from Germany (Federal Republic, Berlin and East Germany) with all ancillary areas such as the German colonies, crew expenses, Danzig, Saar, Memel, etc. In the European area from A to Z Andorra Cyprus and several side areas. In the international area, we offer stamps of various overseas countries such as America, Asia, Africa, and the like. Of course, also complete. Volumes, booklets, FDC, first day sheets, maximum cards, postal stationery and much more.

In the subject area we currently have about 32 categories with various collection areas such as Zeppelin, airplanes, trains, animals, sports, etc. and they always include special expenses, receipts, documents and the like. Through constant resolution of various items and collections should be something for everyone. Whether you collect mint or canceled stamps, first day covers, commemorative pages, special issues, or otherwise, we have it all.

Nor are standing by purchasing stamp collections always portfolios that we can not process due to time constraints, we offer these stamps stocks as compilations, lots, closeouts, part collections through to complete. Collection. We sell German and international stamps. For everyone, whether you are looking for standard goods or selected or rare pieces. Stamps and souvenir sheets with some very small numbers from Asia, we can offer more recently also. We are currently in the sought block out of China, this booklet from Japan, or the exhibition blocks from Singapore on offer. Furthermore, we provide postal and postcards with views of cities at home and abroad, as well as art and artists cards, greeting cards and design from different areas. You will find us as motif maps of limb or of Franziska Lore Hummel, Designer Cards - Zeppelin, airplanes, ships - including the old lithography.


In the field of numismatics an offer is scheduled to German-to range from international coins, medals through to paper money. (Unfortunately still weakly populated). This area is still under construction and there are currently mainly ecu coins available. Also the processing of incorrect lists and a world-News service are planned in the future in our online store. Likewise, a small library of interesting articles and reports on various topics.

In various other categories we will adjust next to the accessories such as stamp albums, Michel catalogs and the like other collectors items from the historic religious or decorations (Military) to the old picture album collection, lead from air helmet through to limited railroad.